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Lcd or Dlp, Which Home Theater Projectors to Choose?

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I am really attached to the home theater system I have for some time. To be truthful of all the places in my house, this personal small movie theater is the one I cherish the most. I just love my home theater system and, you will also fall in love with yours if you are like me. When I was assembling my system I realized there was much to learn and each product looked better than the previous and I was not sure which one to buy. 

Mentioned below are some tips which will help you shop for a home theater projector. 

Projectors are typically available in two main kinds, LCD and DLP.  DLP is the short for digital light processing and was developed by Texas Instruments which uses a microscopic range of more than 2 million mirrors. DLP produces higher contrast as compared to LCD, but there have been some negative consumer reviews which talk about “rainbow effect”.  This is seen when you view from one part of the screen to the next and is featured by sudden explosion of color. 

LCD is for liquid crystal display and these projectors come with 3 separate glass LCD panels and each one is for a particular part of the video signal, blue, red and green. DLP chips reflect light the LCD panels let the light go by them.  LCD projectors generate brighter pictures and also have great color saturation. But you may not be able to notice much of a difference between these two projection systems.

Keep your own requirements in mind when you are buying a new projector, as you may get confused by the finer points of each system.  Connectivity is very important and you must ensure that you can connect all of your devices including the gaming system. Contract ratio is also a significant factor as higher ratio projects better picture. 

Take the brightness of your projector into consideration. ANSI is used for measuring light output and avoid any projector with less than 1000 lumens. The resolution of the projection is vital and this is the number of pixels which are displayed on your screen. Buy a projector which has a resolution of over 1024×768 pixels, to fully experience the quality and depth of HDTV.  You must only purchase the projector which is within your budget and fulfills your requirements. It is time to move!


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