Saturday, December 16

New Year Resolution

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Few more days to go before the year 2011 come rolling. A new year which should be celebrated and be thankful for. Many of us have been thinking of what will be the year 2011 could offer us. It is better if we think of what we can do to be a better individual next year, isn’t it?

The next year has a lot of promise to offer and most of us are excited and thrilled to welcome 2011.

 Some of us are thinking of what’s our new year’s resolution would be. Some wanted to be wealthier, a bit sexier and some just wanted to be a better person. Each of us silently or even unconsciously thinking of the New Year resolution which we hope we can accomplished the following year. While a lot of people are making New Year’s resolution we cannot deny the fact that after a few weeks or even a few days, we tend to forget the resolution we made the year before. Think of the New Year resolution you had in 2009. Have you pushed through with it?

Though research says that 90% of the New Year’s resolutions are broken each year, it is rather healthy for a person to think of a resolution or two. Most people who make a resolution are more likely to achieve their goals compare to those who do not have one.

Top New Year’s resolution’s are:

  1. To quit vices such as, smoking, liquor drinking and gambling.

  2. To improve physical features such as exercise more often, eat healthy foods and lose weight.

  3. To improve performance in work, studies and extra activities.

  4. To improve relationship with spouse, children, elderly and neighbors.

  5. To improve one’s attitude such as to be more efficient and organized or to relax.

There are a lot of resolution we can make just as long as we tried to pursue it for the betterment of ourselves and other people around us. Failing last years’ resolution doesn’t mean we are going to fail the next year’s resolution. Whether we forgot or breaks the goal we set for ourselves this year it is good to think that we are thinking to be a better person than what we are now. So, think of a resolution or two and good luck.


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