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29 Best Smashing Pumpkins Songs: Greatest Hits by Smashing Pumpkins

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Smashing Pumpkins were one of the biggest bands of the 1990s and one of the most creative as well. The lyrics of frontman Billy Corgan are often times breathtaking and memorable but not to be out done by the great guitar play and drum work by the other members of the band. The original lineup split in 2000 but there is still being new material put out. For this list I chose what I feel are the 29 best Smashing Pumpkins songs based on my own personal opinion so if I left any off it’s due to that and not any slight against the band.

Siva– Song off of Gish with some really good guitar work.

I Am One– Nice heavy hitting drums.

Window Paine– Window Paine has a very dreamlike quality to it with the constant baseline and light vocals.

Rhinoceros-Should have known I would conceal your way

Soma– Epic in length, very slow and relaxing.

Raindrops + Sunshowers

Spaceboy– Another song off of Siamese Dream.

That’s the Way (My Love Is)

Today– The opening guitar is pretty famous in its own right but this is an amazing song.


Cherub Rock– The intro to Cherub Rock is about a minute long but well worth waiting on.

This Time

Tonight, Tonight– One of their singles and a very beautiful song.

ZeroWanna go for a ride?

1979– I’ll always remember the fantastic music video for this song when it came out but I can put this song at almost anytime and thoroughly enjoy it.

Stand Inside Your Love

Thirty-Three– A soft song but one of the best from Mellon Collie.

Bullet with Butterfly WingsThe world is a vampire.

Bodies– Love the lyrics on Bodies, the crumbled cities stand as known of the sights you have been shown of the hurt you call your own love is suicide


Tales of a Scorched Earth– Really heavy sounding song.

Ode To No One

Jellybelly– Yet another great one from Mellon Collie.

Daphne Descends

Perfect– In the top three of my personal favorites.


For Martha– Song for Billy’s late mother.



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