Friday, December 15

5 Different Gift Sets For Teens

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Here are some ideas you can get a teen or anyone! It depends what you decide to pack it with. Don’t be limited and have fun with it! Change it to your liking! They are only ideas and outlines! You also don’t have to get every single thing on the list. 

Warm & Comfy Set 

Everyone will enjoy this gift set! 

What it might include… 

-Pajama Shirt/T-shirt 

-Pajama Bottoms 

-Fuzzy Socks,Toe Socks or Just Cute Socks


-Sleep Mask 

Sport Lovers Set 

For all those sport fans and athletes! 

What it might include… 

-Team Jersey 

-Sport Equipment (basketball,soccer ball,bat,etc.)

-Sport Themed Items 

-Sport Themed Treats 

-Simple Essentials (deoderant,shoe cleaners,etc.)

Fashionista Set 

For all those fashion loving girls! 

What it might include…

-Gift Card to their favorite store

-A Dress



-Perfume,Body Mist 

Make Up Artist Set 

For all those beauty girls! 

What it might include…

-Makeup Palette 

-Lip Balm, Clear Gloss 

-Brush Set 

-Make Up Bag 

-Gift Card to Sephora 

Skater Set 

For all those hard core teens into skateboarding! 

-Gift Card to Zumies 



-Band Bracelets 

Remember to adjust to your liking or their liking and have fun!

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