Monday, December 18

Benefits of Physical Fitness

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Physical fitness is the capacity of the muscles, blood vessels, lungs and heart, to function at optimal level. Physical fitness is generally gotten through exercise, proper nutrition, and adequate rest.

As a beginner, start with 15 minutes daily exercise and move up to 30 minutes of daily exercise or physical activity, for at least 5 days a week. Exercises to get started include brisk walking, jogging, stretching, swimming, and bicycling, to help build your physical fitness. The various benefits of physical fitness include:

Building a Healthy Mind and Good Mental Health

Physical fitness and exercise brings about happiness, a healthy mind, and sound mental health. A healthy mind helps in boosting your inner confidence. Mental health will mean a better performance in academics.

Disease Attacks Prevents

A fitness program will help in building up the immune system. When the immune system is strengthened, it helps in fighting infections and diseases. Never abandon your health to pursue wealth, because health will surely bring you back.

Good Look and Beautiful Skin

A physically fit body, whose toxins have been detoxified, becomes toned up. This will beautify your skin and give you a good look.

Enhances Your Body Function

The way your heart and lungs function is enhanced through physical fitness. Exercise and physical fitness improves the flow of blood to the heart through increased intake of oxygen.

Enhances Better Sleep at Night

A good restful sleep a night is made possible through exercise and physical fitness. The quality of your sleep will improve due to increased intake of oxygen, which is why natural deep breathing exercise is very helpful in this regard.

Builds a Healthier Body

Exercise and physical fitness helps one to stay healthy. Physical activity can help you live longer. It can give your body a healthy weight and prevent some diseases. Physical fitness strengthens your immune system, which in turn fights infections and diseases that can become problems. Risks of developing high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes, and cancer, can be reduced through exercise and physical fitness.

 There are many more benefits of physical fitness and may include increased flexibility, overall muscle strength, a regulated appetite, stronger bones, improved circulatory system, renewed energy, stress relieve, and fat loss.


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