Monday, December 18

The Mothers-In-Law: Bye, Bye Blackmailer

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The Mothers-in-Law: Bye, Bye Blackmailer is one of those crazy tales that makes you laugh and thank your lucky stars that it doesn’t happen to you.

The story is about a $100 loan that Roger owes Herb.  He’s avoided paying it back a few times, and Herb is fed up. Knowing this, the wives cook up a crazy scheme where Eve takes money from their emergency fund to give to Kaye who gives it to Roger, claiming it came from a Christmas account at the bank.  This allows Roger to pay back Herb.

Of course, it doesn’t go exactly as the women planned it, and the husbands end up thinking that Kaye is blackmailing Eve about something.  This sets up more revenge which results in some humorous events.

Eve Arden, Kaye Ballard, Herbert Rudley, and Roger C. Carmel are perfect in these somewhat over the top roles.  I really had a good time watching them as their silly minds worked their entertaining wonder.

The show ends up with all being well, of course, and it was fun watching them get there.

In truth, I found myself thinking that this was something Lucy and Vivian would do on I Love Lucy.  Of import to that is the fact that Desi Arnaz produces this series.


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