Friday, December 15

Was Jesus an Essene ?

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Pliny the Elder (79 AD) relates in a few lines that the Essenes do not marry, possess no money, and had existed for thousands of generations. Most scholars believe that the community at Qumran that allegedly produced the Dead Sea Scrolls was an offshoot of the Essenes;

But where does the name “Essene” come from. What is the etymology of this word. One theory on the formation of the Essenes suggested the movement was founded by a Jewish high priest, dubbed by the Essenes the Teacher of Righteousness.  Some historians have suggested, that the name “Essene” is a Hellenized form of the word “Hasidim” or “Hasid” (“pious ones”). 

One connection we have discovered is in relation to the Latin verb “Esse”. To Be.

If indeed the burning bush that spoke to Moses claimed tha the name of God is “I am that I am”  and the Essenes were well versed in the ancient writings, perhaps their view is that the Messiah would be called “I am”

As a group of people anticipating the coming of a Messiah (or 2 Messiahs) perhaps they named themselves after a Secret Code “Esse / I am” to indicate that they knew when and where the Messiah(s) would be born.

If John the Baptizer was the 1st of the 2 Messiahs (but not of the Davidic Branch) he was trained by the Essenes to lead the way for the 2nd “Kingly messiah who would be called Esse.

This name would be translated as Yeshu ha-notsri. Jesus the Nazarene, of the Branch of David. I am looking forward to the Aramaic scrolls that will soon be discovered in Israel, Egypt and India that will tell this story. Stay tuned.


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