Tuesday, December 12

Build Your Business Success With a Micromentor

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Entrepreneurs are able to receive free one-on-one advice from experienced professionals to help build their business success. The mission of MicroMentor is to help business owners grow their business, generate more revenue, and achieve business success. MicroMentor also offer opportunities for participants to sign-up to be a mentor.

Getting Started

To get started, go to the website [MicroMentor.org] and sign-up. Complete your business profile and describe your business needs and goals or if you are registering to be a mentor, provide your professional experience and expertise. As a participant, you control your connections in the network. You can seek out the connections you want or when requests are sent to you, you can review and approve or deny requests from others.

Once connections are established, participants and mentors are able to communicate with each other via email and telephone average engagement, three months. MicroMentor support services are available throughout the process for additional assistance.

Program at a Glance

According to statistics posted on the MicroMentor website, there are currently 3,500+ entrepreneurs and 2,600 business mentors enrolled. There have been 2,280+ mentoring matches made throughout 48 states.

Benefits of Joining

As business owner, there are going to be many questions, challenges, and tough decisions. Business mentors offer the experience and expertise needed to help you answer those questions and face the challenges and tough decisions. Connections are at your control. You can target your mentor search according to industry, experience, expertise, and location. You can even seek the assistance of multiple mentors to address various business related challenges.


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