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Proper Sleep Rest And Physical Fitness

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Proper rest for physical fitness can be achieved by two ways, and these include exercise rest periods and sleep rest. As stated above, this articles deals with proper sleep rest. Various steps to proper sleep rest are:

Get Set for Sleep Daily

On a daily basis, before you sleep, set the bed by removing everything including books and clothes, brush your teeth, set the alarm, and put on sleep dress.

Avoid Absence of Sleep Daily

Your body gets a lot of healing during sleep, especially during the time of a good night sleep or rest. Your body is prone to become weak or breakdown without a good night rest. This breakdown begins from your body cells to organs and tissues. Absence of sleep rest causes restlessness, lack of concentration, weakness, irritable, etc.

Remove Remote causes of Sleeplessness

Many causes abound for not having a good night rest, such as body pains, environment, and illness. Still there must be adequate preparation for proper and adequate sleep or rest, so as to attain and maintain your goals for physical fitness.

Avoid or Stop all Activities

Your must sleep for about eight (8) hours daily, to give your body that needed rest for physical fitness. In trying to sleep these numbers of hours, avoid stressful activities, exercise, browsing, computer operations, and TV viewing, reading, listening to radio, night or phone calls, working, homework or assignments. In about twenty to thirty minutes to sleep time, stop all activities.

Avoid Distractions

Get your room well prepared for sound sleep. Keep TV off your bedroom; make the environment conducive enough for sleep by switch off bright light and leaving dim lights to make the bedroom dark to avoid distraction, and providing proper temperature.

Eat and Drink Four Hours before Sleep

Also, don’t eat and don’t drink water in the last four hours before going to bed. Eating at this time before going to bed will cause your digestive system working or restless, while you are trying to get sleep rest.

Eat light foods, four hours before going to bed. Avoid drinking water after 6pm. Drinking water late will cause you to being awake often in order to ease yourself at the bathroom, thereby depriving you of sleep rest.

Avoid Taking Stimulants

Avoid caffeine, smoking, and alcohol before going to bed. Caffeine and smoking will keep you awake due to the stimulant called nicotine. Alcohol will make you sleep, but you will be awake frequently during the night.

Keep to a Regular Sleep Time

Try to keep to a regular bedtime and wake-up time. This will enable to have an adequate amount of sleep daily for the attainment of physical fitness.

Also avoid sleeping peels and other strong drugs. Take a hot bath and avoid worry and anxiety or manage your stress well.

With proper sleep rest as an ingredient for physical fitness, properly gotten, your fitness goals shall be achieved.


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