Saturday, December 16

Did Jesus Travel to India ?

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I have picked up a copy of a book titled “The Unknown Life of Jesus – The original Text of Nicolas Notovitch’s 1887 Discovery”. Nicolas Notovitch was a Russian aristocrat and journalist born in Crimea in 1858 to Jewish parents; he converted to Greek Orthodox Christianity as a young man. During his travels in India he visited Tibet where he learned that there was an ancient Manuscript of the words of St Issa, who he was told was Jesus of Nazareth.

The most interesting part of this book is the last half where the actual manuscript is recorded. If this is in fact the story of Jesus of Nazareth, Yeshu ha-notsri (The Branch of David) then what is recorded in the Synoptic Gospels needs to be revised. According to this Manuscript of Issa, it is in fact Pilate who condemns Jesus to die and not the High Priest. The Jewish leaders actually plead for his release as a wise teacher and prophet of the Jewish people.

I am inclined to believe this story over the one told in the existing Bible. One of my favorite lines of this Issa Manuscript is the following : “Wife and mother are the priceless treasures which God has given to you. They are the most beautiful ornaments of the universe, and from them will be born all who will inhabit the world”

This Issa Manusript also comes much closer to the ideas expressed in the Syriac “Gospel of Thomas” and the Hindu “Isha Upanishad” which I am beginning to believe was also written by Yeshu (Isha) the Nazarene….

We must not divide our conception of the universe; for in dividing it, we have only fragmentary knowledge and we thus limit ourselves. -Isha Upanishad

…. behold the vast, radiant, subtle, ever–pure and spotless Self, the true basis of our existence. – Isha Upanishad

When a man sees God in all beings and all beings in God, and also God dwelling in his own Soul, how can he hate any living thing? – Isha Upanishad

He who perceives the Self everywhere never shrinks from anything, because through his higher consciousness he feels united with all life.

He who perceives all beings as the Self for him how can there be delusion or grief, when he sees this oneness (everywhere) ? Isha Upanishad

He who sees all beings in the Self and the Self in all beings, he never turns away from It – Isha Upanishad

It is the innermost Soul of all creatures & It is without as the essence of the whole external universe… Isha Upanishad

It is near to those who have the power to understand It, for It dwells in the heart of every one – Isha Upanishad


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