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16 Best My Chemical Romance Songs: My Chemical Romance Best Songs

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My Chemical Romance has been around for almost ten years now and in that time have released four albums and have achieved much commercial success.  They often get lumped into the category of an emo band which might turn some people away but to me they are talented and have a lot of good material. For this list I took what I thought were My Chemical Romance’s best songs from their albums and wrote a bit about each one. While this list totals 16 in number they do have much more that you should definitely check out but this is a good starting place.

Honey, This Mirror isn’t Big Enough for the Two of Us– Lots of screaming but I do love the guitar work on here.

Our Lady of Sorrows– Short track but really up tempo and aggressive plus it sounds great.

Cubicles– Nice track.

Early Sunsets Over Monroeville– Smooth song off of My Chemical Romance’s first album.

Demolition Lovers– Almost the length of two songs but it’s amongst their very best work.

I’m Not Okay (I Promise)- One of their singles that they had success with and it’s easy to hear why.

The Ghost of You– Song with a lot of emotion but it’s pretty easy to relate to and makes it worth a listen.

Helena– Awesome sound and lyrics on this one.

Thank You for the Venom– More of an aggressive punk song.

Welcome to the Black Parade- Love the marching drum beat on Welcome to the Black Parade. Has a lighter feel to it then some of their other stuff but still very good.

The End– Not a very long track but well worth hearing.

Famous Last Words– Cool song of The Black Parade.

I Don’t Love You– One of the best songs off of this list. Simply fantastic.

The Only Hope for Me Is YouCan I be the only hope for you because you’re the only hope for me

Save Yourself, I’ll Hold Them Back– Has a pretty unique sound compared to the other songs on this list.

Bulletproof Heart– What an excellent track. Bulletproof Heart is one that I can just leave on repeat and not get bored.


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