Saturday, December 16

Have a Good Christmas

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At this time of year, I say this to so many people, and I say it from my heart, because everyone has their own way of enjoying Christmas. Some people will spend time with their loved ones, weather permitting, but some will not, and maybe their Christmas won’t be so good.  Perhaps being wished a happy Christmas means something, knowing that someone cares. I hope so. But here are some  things to make  it  more of a challenge to enjoy your Christmas.


At this moment in time, heavy snow has caused road blocks and gridlock, so if it continues, many people will be unable to visit their loved ones this year. For elderly  people who live alone, this is particularly sad, as they can’t have visitors, or go to visit others. The bad weather may also stop people from travelling abroad to celebrate Christmas, ruining a holiday which they were obviously looking forward to.


Being sad and alone at Christmas because of losing a loved one, either through a relationship ending, or being bereaved, is hard to deal with. When it happened to me, I went to visit a lonely old lady, concentrating on helping her kept my mind off my grief, and knowing I had made her day gave me a warm feeling.

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People who have lost their jobs, or are struggling to survive on a modest income may wish they had more money to spend at Christmas. But we have to remember that it doesn’t matter what we spend, love costs nothing. If we can’t be with the people we love at Christmas, thanks to modern inventions, we can talk to them, both on the computer, or the telephone, or even write a letter.

Christmas will be over in 2 days, the birth of our lord will once again be celebrated,  and then life returns to normal. The weather will also improve, so in the New Year, what could be nicer than catching up with all the folks we couldn’t see at Christmas and wishing them a very happy 2011

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