Sunday, December 17

Can You Love More Then One Person

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When were out there looking for love and we get lucky and finally meet someone and fall in love. Do you think that it will last forever? Some of us think that forever is possible, some of us don’t think it can. There are many of us out that that have found what we thought was the right person and then we notice that its not.

What about being a relationship and meeting someone else. You and that person hit it off real well. You have a lot in common with each other. Wouldn’t it be called cheating if you were involved with them and are still in another relationship? Pretty much it would be. But what if you aren’t in love with the person you’ve been with for so many years. What would that be called? Mostly it would still be cheating.

There are some people that say they love you and can love someone else. Thinking about the idea of loving more then one person. Not to say that we can’t.

We all have learned over the years that people can love a lot of different ways. But can we really love two different people. When it comes to one person being in love with one person that should be the only one. There should be no one that should ever get in the middle of anyones relationship. But things do happen.

Then, there comes the internet and people out there searching for thier one perfect person. There is no perfect person for any one person, its just the idea of some good fantasy that most of us have concerning perfect. We are all human able to feel things strongly. We get to a point that we have lost that loving feeling. It happens many times and that’s why so many of us end up getting divorced. We find out that there really isn’t a forever for everyone.

Each and everyone of us has been on and off the internet. We’ve even talked to people on the internet and many of us might have met someone we have talked too. But, is it possible to really love someone you’ve never met before even if its been years of talking. Exspecially if your still in a relationship. See chances do come around that you could meet that special someone that could be your soulmate. So, then what do you do? Do you give up the realionship your in now to see if that person is the one that you’ve been looking for. If you still love the person your with don’t you think that you would be hurting them, to do the one thing you want too.

Sometimes we don’t think about what we do tell its the last minute. We don’t look at what could happen tell it all come crashing down.

Be careful what your choices are. If you love someone and you let someone else get in the middle then, your acting like a fool. Don’t let something come between the one person you really love so much. Whether or not you could love more then one person is something that you can only say.


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