Thursday, December 14

Is it Better to Invest Your Money or to Save It?

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We often wonder about good investments. When we have some money saved up we want to know where to invest it. Some people believe that investing your savings in stocks, gold, and real estate is the best way to go. However, taking into account the current economic conditions, I believe that our cash savings should be kept in liquid form. Keeping our funds in the bank or in a lockbox somewhere is relatively the safest thing we can do. Some banks offer high interest savings accounts and CD’s. It is best to keep as much control over your money as possible.

The government has complete control over everything. They can raise property taxes and make the stock market crash. The government can also control the price of gold and other precious metals. However, the government cannot touch our cash just yet. The bank savings of $250,000 and less are insured by the government. Ofcourse, we are not guaranteed that we will get our money back in the case the banks go out of business. However, we should be well informed about such an event in advance. We can judge by the economic climate at any given time whether or not it is safe to keep our money in the bank. The day that we realize that we cannot keep our money in the bank safely is the day that we should leave the United States.


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