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Internet Marketing And Online Video Content | Goldmine Marketing

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Internet marketing with video content is about more than just setting up your own video channel. To be successful, and achieve the search marketing boost you’re after, you really need an online marketing strategy that uses internet video as a driver for other platforms. Think Social Media, Blogs, Podcasts … even mobile marketing.
Social Media
No internet marketing strategy is complete without social media. The fact is social media is the fastest growing segment on the internet. You just can’t ignore that if your business needs web traffic.
Social media has a number of advantages, not the least of which are:
• Communication level
enables you to interact directly with your customers and create a real life rapport that simply isn’t possible with a traditional website
• Brand extension
we all know word of mouth is the best sort of referral, so imagine the brand value of your customers chatting with friends about your business
Apart from just chatting, the other thing members tend to do is share media. Not just with anyone. Photos and video are something that belongs in the inner sanctum. So most users only allow their media to be shared and viewed by people they know. Whether that’s photographs or video content, the value of piercing friendship and social groups to your online marketing can be enormous.
Blogging isn’t just popular … it’s a revolution! Successful bloggers gain literally thousands of followers simply by venting about their field of interest. In many cases blogs don’t even pretend to offer an expert view. They’re simply a way for authors to express and opinion. It’s possible to do that a number of ways:
• by chatting about topical subjects (news, photography, PC games are all popular choices)
• by offering a content feed (RSS) so that others can stay up-to-date with the latest posts
• by referring to other online content that attracts their interest for one reason or another
• by posting engaging images to illustrate a point, their skills or just for interest
• by using online video content
Search engines like blogs because the content is mostly nice and fresh. So they visit often and rank accordingly. If you take all this into account when formulating an internet marketing strategy, you’ll be taking a firm step in the right direction.
Podcasting is possibly the most underutilised online marketing tool of them all. People love to pick up the content they like … or missed with this easy tool. And you can make it part of your marketing strategy too.
Working your video content hard means taking your marketing to the next level. Podcasting is just one way you can harness the power of the internet as part of your own marketing mix.
Any next gen marketer will tell you the way to go is mobile. And plenty of businesses have already gone down the path of creating an online presence that mobile viewers can access quickly and easily. But that’s just taking existing technology and plonking it somewhere else.
Video content is by far the most engaging media you can present users with. And effective mobile marketing takes that right to their mobile cell phone. No downloads, no navigation. Just point, click, play and you’ve moved from a local to global business. Now that’s internet marketing innovation.


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