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Apply For a Google Adsense Account Independently From Your Account Then Link The Accounts

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If you are new to, you might want to apply for a Google AdSense account.  Once you have been awarded 10 answers, you will be invited by to sign up for a Google Adsense account.  At that time, if you already have a Google Adsense account, you can link it to your account and immediately start earning $$.  Keep in mind that once you have a Google Adsense account, you can use it to place money-making ads on your account and use it to make money with other websites.

According to Google, it typically takes 2 to 3 days to become approved but, depending on their current volume, it could take up to a couple weeks. Once you have a Google AdSense account, you can also link it to other websites. 

1.  (Optional – see NOTE) Go here make a Google Gmail account.  Click on “Create an Account” and fill out the requested information.

2.  (Optional – see NOTE) Go here make a Google Blogger account.  Sign in with your newly created Gmail account information.  Create a blog and choose a display name. 

3.  Go to create your Google AdSense account.  Applying for an AdSense account is pretty straight forward:

     a. Click on “Sign up Now”

     b. Fill out the Website URL using your Google Blogger address (or your own website URL).

     c. Choose your language.

     d. After choosing your language you will need to agree to and check two boxes: 

          “I will not place ads on sites that include incentives to click on ads” and

          “I will not place ads on sites that include pornographic content”  If you do not agree, do not continue.

     e. Continue filling out the rest of the form including account type, country, your name (payee name) and address, making sure this information matches your bank information.

     f. You must agree and check the box that states you can receive checks made out to the payee name listed above. 

     g. You must read, agree, and check the boxes under their policies and hit continue.  (If you have forgotten to fill out anything, it will not let you continue to the next page and will tag missing information in red.)  If you do not agree, do not continue.

     h. The next page allows you to review the information you have submitted. You will be warned in red to be certain all information is correct before continuing.  You must make certain all information is correct, especially the payee name.  The payee name can not be changed later on. 

     i. Decide if you would like to use your Gmail account login or if you would like to create a new Google account.  Check the appropriate boxes.

     j. You will be given the opportunity to log in and will be brought to a page that says, “Thank you for your interest in Google AdSense. Your application has now been submitted for review and we will follow up with you by email in 1-2 days.”

4.  When your account is (or is not) approved, you will be notified by Google in an email.  Once you receive notice that your account has been approved, log in to your  If you have been awarded 10 answers, you can then link the two accounts.  Go to “My Activity.” Under “Earn Revenue on WebAnswers with Google Adsense” you will see a button that says “Create Account”.  Hit that button and it will ask if you already have an account.  (This button will not contain a clickable link unless you have been awarded 10 answers.)  Follow the “Already have an account” instructions and your accounts will be linked.

NOTE:  A Google Gmail account is not necessary; any email address that belongs to you will work.   A Google Blogger account is not necessary but you must have a website address that you own or control.   


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