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We Live Because of The Seas

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We live because of the Seas

Whenever I see the model of a globe in the stationary shops, I always wonder why God has created the Earth with two thirds water and just one third land. Shouldn’t it have been the other way round especially in view of the increasing population in the world?

Again , why with salt water for that matter? In the context of drinking water shortage in many parts of the globe, don’t you think ‘clear potable water’ would have been a wiser choice? In some of the Indian villages, women have to walk miles and miles to fetch their daily quota of drinking water. Many of our major cities too are short of water and the story is the same year after year making fresh water a precious commodity. If the sea contains fresh water, won’t our water problem stand solved? All you have to do is to walk across to the sea shore and fill your pitchers or a water tanker. We could dig canals to send water to the people in the interior parts.

But no. God had opted for salt water instead. He must have His reason for it. What could it be? Salt is a vital ingredient in all our meals, whether Western or Indian or Chinese. Try eating salt less food and then you will understand ho valuable salt is.! Even a well cooked meal would be thrown into the dust bin if it has not been flavoured with the required amount of salt. Such is the power of salt in our daily life.

There is another aspect too. Perhaps you haven’t realized that all the raw materials needed to make clothes, food, furniture, ornament, steel, gas, T.V sets, .radio, computer, music system , car, motor bike and the varieties of things used by us, come from under the Earth? God had put them all underground before He created Mankind. And, we extract out these raw material, put them through a series of processes and convert them into articles of daily use. Oh what effort one has to put in to transmute the natural ingredients into finished products that decorate your drawing room and bedrooms with much splendour.

Whereas the story is different with regard to salt. In the first place, salt is a raw material cum finished product. The expertise required in the manufacturing line is almost pedestrian. Just collect a basin of sea water, expose it to the Sun and wind and presto, you get the white product within hours. A home maker could use it straightway without any further treatment. Next, this is the only raw material available above the Earth while all the others are from under.

Apart from salt, the sea water is supposed to contain gold too. The world is yet to develop the technology for getting gold from sea water.
Come on young scientists, put your thinking cap on and get down to this project and you will mint millions for a patent on it.

Talking about drinking water, God seems to have adopted a 2-in-1 strategy. Fresh water is available from both under and on the surface of the Earth. For drawing out the underground water one could sink a well or dig a bore well, at some cost, almost anywhere on the dry land to siphon it off. The surface based water comes from the rivers which could be collected with utmost ease. Consider yourself fortunate if you live on a river bank.

Geologists say that the under ground water table is slowly tapering off. A day may come when it may go completely dry. N o. No. It won’t happen. We will never run short of drinking water ever. In His wisdom God had provided an alternative source – the sea. We could make fresh water out of the salty sea water by one of the desalination methods. The ships follow this technique to supply potable water for the crew and the passengers during a long voyage.

A nearby country Oman, which I visited on a short holiday is in the midst of a desert and it has no river at all nor underground water. They convert sea water into fresh water for their survival.

My city, Chennai in India, is short of drinking water. But the sea (Bay of Bengal) is just next door at a stone’s throw. At last the authorities concerned have set up a desalination plant at a place called Minjur along the coast line and the city hopes to get a million cubic meter of water daily.

So there is no question of any country ever running out of potable water because the sea water could last for centuries.

Next time when you stand on a beach line and stare at the vast ocean, do thank God for giving the world salt water and tons of it. Salt water is more valuable than direct fresh water. You can’t make salt out of fresh water while the sea water could give us not only salt but also sweet water. Almost every country collect their stock of salt from sea water. I wonder if we would be able to live without salt !

Thank God Almighty for this wonderful blessing.


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