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TV Classic Westerns U.s. Marshal Dvd

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This review is for the TV Classic Westerns U.S. Marshal DVD release.  The DVD contains 8 episodes which I’ve actually reviewed individually already, so keep in mind that this is focusing on the DVD and not the shows that are on the product.

This DVD has a nice presentation, coming in a nice case (not a slim pack) and with a colorful cover, back, and disk that depicts series star, John Bromfield.

The series U.S. Marshal was actually a transition series that stemmed from the show, Sheriff of Cochise.  It’s important to note that Sheriff of Cochise was also known, and syndicated, as The Man from Cochise.  Nevertheless, the two are the same show.

Bromfield played Sheriff Frank Morgan and was in charge of this Arizona county.  After two seasons, he was given the job of U.S. Marshal and therefore worked all over the state.  That’s when the title change was done.  So, there were two seasons of ‘Sheriff’ and 2 seasons of ‘Marshal’.

The 8 episodes come from all 4 seasons so the titles on the episodes vary.  There is a problem, however, with the titles.  Here’s what is listed:

Mary Jo is Missing
The Fugitive
Trigger Happy
The Human Bomb
Sentenced to Death
Husband and Wife
The Relatives

However, The Fugitive is really The Fugitives, The Human Bomb is actually The Champ, Sentenced to Death is Sentence of Death, and Pursuit is also known as Army Escapee Pursuit.

The 30 minute episodes have been digitally remastered, and they look great.  They are entertaining, with some great guest stars that include Charles Bronson, Robert Fuller, Jack Lord, Mike Connors, Michael Landon, and Martin Milner.

It’s a value DVD and makes for a good evening of entertainment.  Also, it does include a ‘play all’ button and it has menu music, which I always enjoy.


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