Thursday, December 14

Whitening Teeth Naturally The Easy Way

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Did you know that strawberries are a great way to remove surface stains on your teeth?   You simply crush a strawberry and mix it with ½ teaspoon of baking soda.  Use a toothbrush to spread this paste on your teeth and wait 5 minutes.  Then use your regular toothpaste to remove the strawberry/baking soda from your teeth.  You will be amazed at the difference in your smile!  Be aware that you should only do this once every couple of weeks as the acid from the strawberries can erode the enamel over time!

Another great home remedy for whitening teeth naturally is to combine baking soda and peroxide into a paste.  Then simply use it as you would regular toothpaste, brush thoroughly for 4 to 5 minutes.  Those coffee stains will vanish before your eyes!  Again only do this once a week or so as you don’t want to harm your enamel.

Nature has some wonderful whitening secrets!  Watery foods like apples and pears actually cause you to produce more saliva which naturally eliminates acids that cause stains and decay.  Add more watery foods to your daily diet and you will see whiter teeth!

To keep your teeth healthy, remember to brush regularly and cut down on sugary foods.  You can help prevent decay caused by sugar by simply drinking a glass of milk!  Milk literally washes away sugar residue from your teeth.  Yet another great reason to drink your milk!

You don’t need to buy all of those expensive teeth whitening products!  Whitening teeth naturally is easy and inexpensive.  Try these tips and see the results for yourself!  The next time someone compliments you on your smile, you can offer them a strawberry too!


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