Friday, December 15

Pros And Cons of Dash Navigation Systems in Cars

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We have all learned to love or hate our GPS systems, and rely upon them to get us to our required destination safely and efficiently. However there is one major choice the motorist can make regarding the type of GPS navigation system they use. You can either have an inbuilt GPS system, often residing within the dash of the vehicle, or have a system that is portable and removable from the car.

There are Pro’s and Con’s for the built in dash mounted system, firstly, the fact that it is an integral part of the vehicle dashboard, it can be difficult, costly or even impossible to upgrade the hardware used. This means the system you have is the one you will always have for as long as you own the car.

Also, if the screen provided with the GPS system is not conveniently located for you, you cannot move it to somewhere more convenient or more easily viewable. In addition, some inbuilt systems can be difficult to upgrade software wise, which means your maps and information can become quickly out of date. Such upgrades where available can also be expensive.

One practical advantage to having an inbuilt system is that theft can be more easily protected against. Not only does the potential thief have to break into the car to gain access to your GPS, they also have to dissemble your dashboard as well. Many inbuilt systems are in several parts in and behind the dash which means stealing them can be very difficult and a thief will move on to a more vulnerable target.

In built GPS systems are often an integral part of your car’s entertainment system, which means that not only can vocal instructions be easily heard via your vehicles sound system but often music etc. cuts out while the GPS system is giving you your driving instructions which means greater clarity and understanding.

Such an inbuilt GPS system will also be part of the dash as opposed to being something stuck on it or fixed to your windscreen which means that ascetically your car interior will look better. It will be safer in an accident too.

One very real problem with an inbuilt GPS system is that due to it’s very nature, you can only gain directional information while you are in the car. A portable system which can be taken with you can provide continuing information once you have parked up your can and are finishing your journey on foot.


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