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Elephants And Their Interesting Life

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Elephants are the largest mammals on the earth that walk the land and belong to two genera of the family of Elephantidae known as Elephas and Loxodonta.

There are only three species of elephants living in the world today; because unfortunately, all other species are extinct. The three species that survived till today are named as African Bush Elephant, African Forest Elephant and the Asian Elephant.

At birth, an elephant calf weighs an average of 120 kilograms and has an average lifetime of 50 to 70 years. Very interestingly, elephants are a symbol of wisdom in a number of Asian cultures and are famed for their intelligence and memory. According to a number of observations on elephants, healthy adult elephants have no known natural predators, however, lions may grab small or weak calves, which are unable to protect or defend themselves. However, we should also mention that humans pose serious existential threats to elephants because they kill them and take their teeth and skin for trading.

Elephants can also be very aggressive and dangerous, having the ability to crush fatally other land animals in the jungle including the rhinocerous! In addition to that, elephants have the ability to kill humans as well and vent their spells of anger. In India, there have been regular reports of elephants attacking villages at night, killing people and flattening their homes in their fits of anger.

Elephants are very popular in the west because their bulky size and shape sets them apart form all other mammals in the wild. Their size also makes them be considered as exotic items. The term ‘white elephant’ is also used to denote something really expensive.

Elephants have also a legendary appearance in children books where they are considered as extremely good animals having exemplary behavior and are considered as icons of goodness.

Today, it is possible to see African elephants in almost all the zoos around the world.


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