Saturday, December 16

My Car is Heating Up!

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Overheating of vehicle may occur due to a variety of reasons. They can be both simple and complex. If the overheating is due to a simple reasons, the steps mentioned below may help you fix the problem without spending any money.

  1. Open the hood and check the coolant in the radiator. If the coolant level is low, Start your engine and add coolant slowly (Do not open the radiator while it’s still hot or might end up hurting yourself)

  2. Check the coolant reservoir; if the coolant level is inadequate add some coolant in the reservoir, but not more than the specified mark.

  3. Check your engine for engine oil. If the oil level is in adequate, check for leakages under the engine on the floor. If there are leakage marks then your vehicles needs to be inspected for damage to the engine seals.

  4. Check for any blockages or dust covers on the radiator grill. Remove the dust by using a blower.

  5. If the vehicle overheats again, check if the radiator fan is in working order.

  6. Check your vehicles fan belt (if it’s a front wheel drive vehicle) for damages.

  7. Check vehicles Air filter for blockages. If blocked or choked kindly replace it.

If none of the above works than you can try to replace the radiator coolant by unbolting an exit valve at the bottom of the radiator. Adding fresh coolant might solve the problem. Or you may just take it to a professional mechanic.


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