Monday, December 18

What Freedom Means To Me

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     Freedom. What does freedom actually mean? According to Webster’s Ninth New Collegiate Dictionary (1987, Merriam-Webster Inc.), freedom means “the absence of necessity, coercion, or constraint in choices or action”. To me, freeom has many different meanings.

     The right to have my own feelings about anything and everything is a choice I have with freedom. Nobody is able to control my feelings but me. If I want to be mad or unhappy about something, I can have that feeling. I can be happy about anything I want also. People will always tell me how they feel about things, but they can’t make me feel the same way. My feelings are mine, always and forever.

     Another right I have with freedom is being able to wear what I want when I want to. If I want to wear shorts and a T-shirt, even in the middle of winter, I can. I can wear a shirt that is stained and has holes in it. There are many people who don’t like what I am wearing, but oh well. People don’t have to look at me if they don’t like what I am wearing.

     A big part of what freedom is, is the ability to choose between right and wrong. I can do right, which is doing what is expected of me, or I can do wrong, those things which do harm to a person, a business, or property. Nobody can make me do right or wrong. It is my choice to do right or wrong. It is my conscience that guides me to do the right thing, because I have to live with my decision. The freedom is mine to choose on which side of the prison fence I want to live on.

     As long as a person does not violate another person’s basic right, even the rights of a business or property, that person will have many freedoms. No matter if you live outside or inside of a prison or jail, you will always have certain inalienable freedoms. Those freedom’s are the right to choose to eat, to talk to others, to shower, and who to associate with. If you choose to do right and stay out of a prison or jail, then you will always have many freedoms. When you choose to do wrong, most of your freedoms will be taken away. It is, and always will be, up to the individual how many freedoms they have in life. So be wise, be free, and stay on the outside of the the prison/jail fence.

     Freedom means something different to each and every person. To me, freedom means being able to have choices on how I feel, what I wear, and whether or not I do right or wrong. The most important thing freedom means to me is being able to be me, the real person I am. Nobody can force me to be something I don’t want to be. I am me and loving it all the way. Let freedom ring, enjoy yourself.


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