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Earn Money With Your Underwear But Beware of Fraudulent Scheme

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Earning Money With Your Underwear

Sitting down on your chair with your underwear earns money – this sounds nice and beautiful. One of their ways to attract people to become their free affiliate members. started on its operation on July 1, 2010. Now the total members has already reached approximately 27,063 and still increasing. Paypermails offers the following benefits to a Standard Member Affiliate:

Paypermails Photo SitePaypermails Photo Site

100% Free Membership

This means you are not charge for any money when you sign up. You are considered as a free Standard Member Affiliate. Being a SMA, you can promote the site to other people and can recruit people too and get commission.

All Mails Worth $100

You will receive mails to read. By reading those mails, you will be paid $100 for each mail you read. Sometimes you will also receive a bonus mail worths $200. Everyday the site will send you 5 mails or more.

All PTC Worth $50

Everyday your mail box will receive at least 5 paid to click ads from advertisers. Each ad is worth $50. Sometimes the site will send you additional bonus of ads to click.

$500 Sign Up Bonus

Pay Per Mails_2Pay Per Mails_2

First you will provide your valid email to their site. And then they will send you the sign- up email form. Emails from these providers:,,, and are rejected only gmail address will work. After you filled up the sign-up form, immediately you will receive your first $500 as a sign up bonus to be credited to your account.

Pay Out Via: Moneybookers, Liberty Reserve, Alertpay, WesterUnion and Check

When you request your cash out, the site will send the money to your accounts at moneybookers, liberty reserve, alertpay or through western union express money transfer or they will pay you in check form and send it to you by post as a registered mail with a condition that all charges incurred will be deducted from your requested cash out.

$25,000 Payout

This is the minimum cash out. At least in less than a month a member can earn this amount. If a member already has reached $25,000 he can request to cash out them through moneybookers, liberty reserve, alert-pay, western union or in a check form.

$50 Referral Bonus

If you invited people to become their member affiliate and they successfully signed up, immediately you will receive $50 as a referral bonus for each person who signed up.

All International Members are Welcome

The site welcomes all type of people around the world who meet the required valid emails and at least he/she is 13 years of age or older to participate in this program. This program is open to both US and International affiliates and is void where prohibited by local governing laws. And that he agrees to and must use his own name and e-mail address in the sign-up process and may not assume a false identity. He may not sign-up multiple times with different e-mail addresses. His computer must not be shared with another individual that has an existing account in that site.

Experience Teaches Lesson

Pay Per Mails_3Pay Per Mails_3

I registered as one of their affiliate members on July 6, 2010. And I already earned more than the minimum cash out as shown below a copy of the summary of earnings. My intention why I registered is to know exactly if this site is really paying to its members. What I found is a big scam ever alive in the Internet.


Total Cash Earnings: (After I requested my first cash out) $ 4,350.00
Account Transactions Summary


11/16/2010 12:00 Referral Bonus (nfameronag) 50.00
08/23/2010 14:38 Paid To Click Earnings 5,300.00
08/23/2010 14:24 Paid Mail Earnings 23,400.00
08/17/2010 08:32 free member payout request buttom -25,000.00
07/16/2010 16:29 Referral Bonus (auntiem) 50.00
07/12/2010 02:26 Referral Bonus (rlfelipe2799) 50.00
07/06/2010 10:05 Sign-up Bonus 500.00

Other Proofs Why is a Scam

No advertisers so far are paying viewers these amounts of $50, $100 or $200 from clicking their ads. Even Bill Gates – the CEO and Founder of Microsoft could not pay those amounts. Advertisers usually pay from one cents to less than $2 only per ads.

The mails and ads I am receiving everyday are all the same. On August 17, 2010, I requested my first cash out.

On August 27, 2010, I received email from paypermails admin customer support. His email reads, ”When you reach the mininum payout, please confirm that you have no cheating, no Click tools. Then we will check out your account and confirm your membership. If you are an upgrade membership we will pay you with less than 14 days. If you are free member, Payments will be made within 30-90 days or a reasonable time after. If you want to get payment please upgrade your account, it is the best way to get paid.“

Hit Bukisa, Write and Get Paid.


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