Wednesday, December 13

Bleach Execution

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So have you been update with the new bleach episode if not then let me summarize what happened in the back. The hero of the anime Ichigo Kurosaki defeated the evil lord Aizen (captain of 5th division who defect the soul society and then flee Hueco mudo). Though he wasn’t defeated actually by the Ichigo Kurosaki, as the final attack of “Tensa Zangestu” was failed on Aizen and he regenerated himself. But then the Hogyoku rejected him and he lost his power and the kido which Urahara planted in him activated. That kido was of special technique as it can only be activated when the Hogyoku reject its user, as it was nearly impossible to seal him when he was using Hogyoku. The Hogyoku was powerful enough to break any type of strong kido so it was impossible to seal him before but when Aizen powers weaken the Kido activated and sealed him. After that he was send for the judgment of his crimes and was punished 20,000 year of imprisonment as he was immortal and can’t be killed. More over when Ichigo used his final attack of Tensa Zangestu he lost all of his “soul reaper “powers and become an ordinary human. He can’t sense any spiritual pressure any longer, as all of his powers were lost after the final attack. He returned home back safely and started a normal life again, though he always wonder what’s happening outside as he can see his friends going out for hollow hunting. Working hard with Zangestu wasn’t waste for Ichigo after all because of that he really got stronger, physically strong. Is the Manga end here?  I was thinking that too, now the anime (bleach) is going to end but I was wrong, something happened that change the turn of course around the Manga. If you don’t know then I will love to remind you about Ichigo father. Ichigo father was a former soul reaper and may be because of his father Ichigo got his soul reaper powers too. But his father lost his soul reaper power somehow. This all my guess, but I believe that he lost his powers and then someone restores his father’s power, as his father knows about the final attack of Zangestu. May be his father lost his powers in the same way as that of the Ichigo. In recent Manga episodes Ichigo was called by a company named “execution”. They created an illusion to let him think that something isn’t right with his father and his family. Well I can’t say whether he is saying truth or not but Ichigo follow his instruction and called him. He told him to meet him somewhere and as the time arrived Ichigo was already there 3 minutes before. He introduced Ichigo to his comrades and then gives him a deal. What if he restores his soul reaper powers? Well what they want wasn’t clear till yet. So hang on tight and keep reading for the next review to know what happen.


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