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How To Open a Restaurant: Everything You Need To Know, From Permits to Restaurant Furniture

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How To Open a Restaurant: Everything You Need To Know, From Permits to
Restaurant Furniture
If you’re thinking aboutopening
a restaurant
, there’s a lot you
need to take into consideration.
It can all be pretty daunting,
to say the least, which is why
you should make it into a
step-by-step process —
which is outlined below.

First, bear in mind that a lot
of work goes into owning and
managing a restaurant. You can
hire people and delegate a lot
of work to them, but a lot of
responsibility will still fall
on you. Think hard about whether
this is a responsibility you’re
certain you can handle, both
mentally and financially. You’ll
need to buy restaurant
furniture, food, of course, and
make sure you have enough
start-up money to pay your staff
before business starts booming.

Once you’ve decided you
absolutely want to open a
restaurant, think about what
kind of theme you want it to
have. Do you want to open a mom
‘n’ pop-style diner, or an
über-swanky club-style
place? Consider what is more
likely to do well in your area.
If you live in a town or
neighborhood that already has
two diners, for instance, you
probably don’t want to open a
third, unless yours will have
some sort of hook and food good
enough to draw people away from
their usual haunts. You also
need to decide on a name for
your restaurant; again, make
sure you’re not naming it
something that will conflict
with neighboring businesses.

Plan out a menu. Incorporate the
theme you’ve chosen, and make
sure the menu’s appearance
matches the quality of the food
it’s advertising — which
is hopefully good!

Now it’s time to find a
location. Again, let’s assume
you’re opening a diner. You
probably won’t do well to open
it right next to or across the
street from a diner that’s been
around for years and is loved by
the community. That sort of
thing belongs in movies, and
while in a movie you and the
other diner’s owner would
probably become the best of
friends and join forces, in real
life it’s more likely you’ll be
driven out of business before
you get a chance to take off.

Next, write up a business plan.
Chances are you’ll need to take
out a loan from your bank, and
having as detailed a plan as you
can write up will help a lot.
Outline the details of your
business and how you plan to
make your it profitable. Find
out beforehand exactly what
documents you’ll need to bring
for the loan officer to examine.

Figure out exactly what sort of
permits you’ll need. The basics
are abusiness license, a food
handler’s license or permit, a
sign permit, amusic license, a
fire certificate, though you may
also need aliquor license, a
police permit and a seller’s

Pick out restaurant furniture.
This is (usually) the fun part!
You can find a lot of great
deals on restaurant furniture,
and a lot of it you can buy
wholesale. However, it’s
recommended to mix things up a
bit by throwing a few curveballs
in the mix, so things don’t get
too stagnant.

Once all the legalities are
taken care of, it’s time to hire
staff. Bear in mind that in this
economy, you’ll get a lot of
applicants, but don’t settle
until you’ve found just the
right chef or cook and waitstaff.

Now that you know what you need
to do to open a restaurant, get
to work! It’s going to be a
while before you can relax, but
make sure that when you can, you
have nice comfy restaurant


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