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The Twilight Saga, Eclipe Film Review

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Bella and Edwards are more in love than ever, even enough for him to agree to change her to a vampire after her graduation. There happy life changes though when a string of attacks and missing people in Seattle leads Edward and his family to believe there is a gang of vampires doing them.

The Collins family try to investigate the attacks but they soon discover that it s down to Victoria and she is setting p an army to avenge the death of her lover. The Collins family believe that Bella is in grave danger and so have to try and protect her.

Bella is having her own troubles when she is asked by her father to spend some time with Jacob as he is having problems and after doing so she realises she has feelings for him and has to decide which man she wants to be with. With Edward and Jacob enemies this is hard for Bella but with her life n danger can the men put their problems to one side and try to save her life and if so who will Bella choose?

The plot summery I have given for this film really is very basic and there is more which happens so don’t be put off by the seeming basic story but I just did not want to spoil it for those who may not have seen the film yet. I was so looking forward to watching this film as both me and hubby fell in love with the two previous ones and we both expected good things but unfortunately we were both left slightly disappointed. The story is good and carries on from the previous films in a good fluent way but there was a lock of pace to the story and it seemed to have the same path as the previous film with no real outcome or change. I personally felt that this film was padded out to make the saga slightly longer and what we did have in this 2 hour film could quite easily have been condensed into 30 minutes and added to one of the other films.

The acting was good and Robert Pattinson who played Edwards was superb. He played a mean and moody character but was also able to show a much softer side to his role when working and on screen with Bella. He was strong and tough and I found he was able to show his powers in a good way. I loved the chemistry between Edward and Jacob as there was always a lot of tension between them both. Jacob was played by Taylor Lautner and for me he was also superb in the role. He showed courage and strength and he really has matured well and settled into the role in a great way. He was very fit and played the part of a wolf well and I liked how he comfortable took part in the effects with ease and made them look realistic. The role of Bella was good but she seemed to be stuck in the same old place being unsure of hr feelings and she has not grown or matured into the role well despite the fact she was supposed to have been older now and so sure of what she wanted. I thought he was actually a bit weak in the intimate scenes with her and Edward sand felt she could have given more to the role to make her stronger and more believable.

We had a lot of excellent support actors in the film and the ones which stood out for me were, Bryce Dallas Howard who played Victoria, she was strong and knew her mind and I felt she bought a lot to the story. I also enjoyed the roles which the Cullen family played and felt they bought a lot more to this film than in the previous ones, the lead of the Collins family, Dr Cullen was played by Peter Facinelli. I found the role of new born vampire Riley, played by Xavier Samuel was a strong one and at times I did think he acted better than Edward and had more of the look of a moody vampire. We had a lot of returning starts from the previous film and they all played their roles well and continued with their parts fluently.

As you can imagine with this film being about vampires and werewolves there are lots of special effects and CGI included in the film. The parts where the character were using their powers was created and added to the film effortlessly and looked very good, the actors did a good job in making this possibly too. The effects which were used for the fights and battles were also excellent and they all looked believable and entertaining to watch. The appearance of the werewolves was lovely and they actually looked very cute and cuddly. They all had the look of the popular dog the German Sheppard and it did bring back memories of our old dog. They were created well and had good features and looked amazing. The vampires looked good and I got used to them being out in the daylight and still fond it enjoyable when Edward shone like crystals and found this to be a good touch.

The props and sets were all great and well made and I liked the feel of the old basic town again. The se of posh cars and the modern Cullen house did seem a little out of place but I saw past this and just enjoyed the film for what it was. We did have a lot of the film set in the woods surrounding Forkes and I did enjoy the scenery which we got to see and there was no times during the film when I noticed badly added back drops.

The DVD which we have does have 2 bonus features and these are deleted scenes and audio commentary. I have not watched either of these so am not able to make comment on them. The DVD is available in all good shops and I paid £12.97 from Tesco for mine. The running time of the film is 124 minutes and I did find this was slightly too long as the story seemed to drag and nothing much happened. The rate is a 12A and I do agree with this as there are some horrible scene with the new born vampires.

I am sad that I can only give this film 4 stars. The acting was good and so too was the effects but for me there was a distinct lack of storyline and pace. I would also have liked Bella to have grown more into her character. This is definitely a film for fans of the saga to watch but I don’t think it would make a stand alone film as you will not understand the depth of the characters and the issues they have with each other. I would advise waiting for the price of the DVD to come down or for this to be shown on Sky Movies to watch and save those pennies.


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