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Christmas Trivia Questions For a Great Christmas Quiz

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Christmas Trivia Questions For a Great Christmas Quiz
A Christmas quiz is an excellent
and fun way to get your club,
pub or bar packed out this
holiday season. Picking the
right Christmas trivia questions
will make sure that they will
return next year for more of the

Maybe it’s the fact that it’s
the festive season and the way
people expect to feel more jolly
then, or perhaps some other
reason, but many people will
enjoy answeringChristmas trivia
yet run a mile if they
were asked to take part in a
trivia quiz at any other time of
the year.  This is
notwithstanding the fact that a
large proportion ofChristmas
Trivia questions
are really only
general knowledge with only a
vague reference to what this
time of year signifies to

A question such as “In what
modern country did Noah’s Ark
finally come to rest after the
flood?” the answer to that is
Turkey, and the association is
that people eat them at this
time of year (turkeys, not

Another example of Christmas
trivia is “Name the date in 1223
that St. Francis of Assisi
construct the first Nativity
Scene?”  Most would never have
clue about the answer to this,
but it is a Christmas Quiz, so
why not take an educated guess
atDecember 25th?  And you would
be correct.

So the very fact that we are
dealing with Christmas trivia
questions should enable us to
take a guess at the answer with
a good chance of getting them
right. Not every answer is going
to be25th December, of course,
but because the topic is fairly
specific, your choices are
correspondingly fewer and that’s
reason why more people enter a
Christmas quiz than would be
expected for a generalpub quiz.

Quiz nightsare popular with
many families in December.
However, the questions will
often be too hard for those that
do not take part in trivia
quizzes regularly.  You could
always buy a quiz and add a few
easier questions of your own, or
even add these to a harder quiz
you already have. 

One problem that a compiler has
is that there is a difference
between those that quiz
regularly and those that do so
only once a year, and the
regular quiz competitor will not
be stretched to answer questions
that others would find
excessively difficult –
especially atChristmaswhen
many of them will study the
popular questions often asked in
a Christmas quiz so they will be
better prepared than ordinary

If you intent to host a
Christmas quiz it is important
that the questions fit the
capabablities of your
participants. This is not easy
to do, and most amateurs tend to
pitch the questions either far
too difficult or too easy.  They
wrongly believe that if the know
the answer to a question
themselves then it can’t be too
hard or too easy.  The false
logic there is obvious, and it
is a lot easier, quicker and
ultimately more profitable to
purchase some Christmas trivia
questions – or even a complete
Christmas quiz.

The reason is that you will have
ruined your chances for next
year by setting a bad quiz this
year. It’s perfectly acceptable,
and even sensible, to buy
quizzes and then change some of
the questions with some of yours
and find out how they are
accepted.  Who knows – you might
be a quiz-compiling Laureate,
but you have to test your
abilities before you burn your
boats for the future.

There is no knack to setting
Christmas quizzes, but there is
setting them neither too easy
nor too hard. I was doing well
in one memorable quiz I took
part in until the final
question: to name the entire
Welsh rugby team that had just
beaten France (the quiz was held
in Blaenavon, Wales). There’s a
potential swing of 15-20 points
on that one very specialized
question alone, and this is how
you should not set a quiz.

There should not be too many
sports questions in a Christmas
quiz. Most people like music and
movies with a seasonal theme,
and you should have one round on
the real Christmas message.  So
get going and we wish the very
best of success in getting
together some fabulous Christmas
trivia questions.


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