Saturday, December 16

Digital Linear Tape Drive

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There are several advantages of data storage technology today. With the increasing use of computers for our every day life, there is a need to have a reliable back up to store important information. Especially big companies need a very advanced and safe data storage because some data are instrumental in the companies’ survival; if lost, the company may collapse. This is why most manufacturers target big companies; therefore this kind of storage is expensive for individual use.

But with the invention of the DLT (Digital Linear Tape) and the LTO (Line Tape Open), the back up of the individual computer became easy. They have been improved to work with more speed and to increase storage capacity. The shortcoming with the existing data storage like DDS or DAT tapes is that the storage tape drifts; therefore there is a need for a consistent technician to monitor its use. But with the DLT there is no fear for this problem because the tape is straight which allows a simpler recording.

If you need a more advanced data storage for your data you can use the Super DLT (SDLT), while it uses more advanced features it is still compatible with the old one. It is able to read existing tapes; therefore they will be no need to renew the system from scratch. This will save the company money and time since those existing tapes are not recorded again. With the coming of this SP-DLT, the backup speed storage doubled, with the capacity of handling more system than the one which was used in the past. But good data storage must combine a good speed and a big capacity storage, therefore even if the DLT may be slower than some other data storage out there, it has a good storage memory.

Linear Tape Open is also another data storage technology also known as LTO. Even it has a memory capacity of more than 100 gigabytes and more than 15 megabytes speed per second. It is not well received because people still trust the SDLT and are not ready to embrace a new and unknown data storage technology.

Long life data storage is the storage which promises more than 30 years of retention. However, any mishandling can cause damages and extra care must be taken in transporting and storage. With the increasing need for a bigger storage and more speed for the storage media, the manufacturers of memories are challenged to come up with new technologies.


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