Friday, December 15

Building A Computer From Scratch

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If you have all the components needed for your computer, the next think to do is to build up the computer. You have to be ready and up to the task because a simple mistake can make you repeat the whole process. Or the computer will not work as you wish.

Even if you can get a technician to build your computer, it is better to assemble it yourself because it will give you a chance to customize it. Unlike the technician who will assemble your computer in general, you will concentrate on what you need the most.

If you already have all the components for your computer, the next thing is to know how to put them together. Make sure that all the components come with an instruction booklet. To begin, you must make sure that you have the best motherboard because it is an important component of the computer. It is also important that your motherboard be able to support all the future upgrades if the need arises. Therefore investigate carefully all of its chipset before you buy it. The better motherboard is the one with a good number of the PLC slots and without anything to block its PCI slots.

Choose a case which has few screwing, it is easier to work with than working with others. The best one is the one equipped with fans. Your computer needs the processor according to the work you need done. For simple tasks, you need a low end processor. For complicated work, you can choose from the high end or average processors according to the level of complication. But it not advisable to by a low end processor because they are becoming obsolete. Therefore it is better to add an extra dollar to buy the average or high end processors. To avoid having to buy another processor after a short time, make sure that your processor has a good memory. For a video card, buy one which will suit your needs; do not buy a small one which will not be enough for your work or the bigger one which will be underused.

Instead of buying a CD-ROM for your computer, buy a DVD player because it can play both CDs and DVDs unlike the CD-ROM that can only read CDs. When you buy, make sure that you are not buying second hand components, because the first owner may have found them faulty and chose to resell them to buy new ones!


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