Friday, December 15

Astronomical Binoculars

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I felt I was closer to the sky, that the night opened its secrets in front of me when I bought a high powered astronomical binocular. The view was amazing and it increased my feelings of astonishment I had always felt every time I scout the sky with the eyes. That vast immensity of starts and lights made me meditate on the human race and its place in this world.

When I was suggested by a friend to buy an astronomical binocular set, I thought it wouldn’t be a good thing to do. A telescope is a powerful device despite astronomical binoculars that are pretty low in most of the cases. I will expose some reasons for this. The fact that it is easier to look through one lens rather than two, at a high magnification rate, is the principal reason. Also, it can be a very laborious task for properly calibrating and adjusting an astronomical binocular. You get a foggy view if you don’t make the right adjustments. This should be the main reason why most of these sets are low powered. It can’t be compared with a powerful telescope, but it has some nice advantages.

The sense of perspective is the most important advantage of all. Many people might believe that an astronomical binocular can’t show objects in three dimensions if the objects are at a great distance from the device. Well, things are quite the opposite. The astronomical binoculars are more portable than a telescope and the resolution is good enough. These binoculars are good even if you want to observe ground level things and here is where the 3D perspective is very useful.

The feeling of immersion when you look through astronomical binoculars is the best feature of this device. It is such a comfortable feeling to keep both your eyes open when you use binoculars after you have been using a telescope. Because you are able to look with both of your eyes, the view becomes much clearer and your brain will be able to process the information about what you see much easier. You will be able to keep in memory so many beautiful sites of the heavens above!


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