Thursday, December 14

The Over-The-Hill-Gang/the Over-The-Hill-Gang Rides Again Double Feature Dvd

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The Over-the-Hill-Gang and its sequel The Over-the-Hill-Gang Rides Again have been movies I’ve enjoyed for many years, though they are rarely shown on TV or cable.  I actually remember quite well when The Over-the-Hill-Gang aired on TV originally.  I loved it, and that it starred some wonderful character actors of the day, beginning with Walter Brennan and including Pat O’Brien, Chill Wills, Andy Devine, and the great Edgar Buchanan.

The sequel, The Over-the-Hill Gang Rides Again, wasn’t really as good, but it brought back the main actors from the first movie except for O’Brien and added Fred Astaire and Lana Wood.

These are little made for TV movies, not made to be great epics, but merely to make for an enjoyable time in front of the TV.  That’s what they are, entertaining films that give viewers a chance to enjoy the talents of some often overlooked actors who have brought many of us hours and hours of fun.

The ‘double feature’ DVD presents both of these movie on a single DVD.  The quality is decent enough.  However, this looks to me almost like a home job, as if a home business had good prints of both movies and put it on a DVD and then slapped a nice color print on the disk itself.  This is just my perception of the product.

The DVD is in a slim pack that features colorful, picture filled artwork that shows all of the main stars.  However, while the credits show that each movie is 75 minutes long, I can say that the original movie is not complete.  It is missing at least two moments that I recall and have on my videotape copy.


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