Monday, December 18

Thank You Bukisa

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I have been on Bukisa since Sep of this year.  Initially, I was not active but was drawn to the site due to recommendation from other writers on Triond.  I can see many similarities between Triond and Bukisa.    I think many people from Triond are here to post the articles they hare previously posted on Triond.   This is fine but there are some concerned that this may cause the duplicate content penalty.   However, there are articles from Google themselves dismissing this claim.

Great Community

Based on the few months I have been on the site, I believe that only a small number of the community actually post content from their other sites here.  Also, even if they do, I think it is also a good way to reboot and refresh their articles that are long forgotten to get it a fresh new audience.   Take a look at how a lot of old television series and movies are getting a reboot.  Example, the Hawaii 5 O original series is shown again side by side with the new series.

Some of the friends I met here (please do not be upset if I do not list you here) – some of them listed below:

  • AshleyApathy

  • brent777

  • CutestPrincess

  • DavidWyld

  • mrbaby sparrow

  • Golden Ash


Given the growth of the site, I believe that is starting to experience some growing pains.  However, based how open the administrators are in responding to the complains and feedback, I think the changes will make it a better site.  As a host to so many writers from so many countries, it must be tough to keep everyone happy.

We all need to understand that Bukisa is a business and our partner.  We need to work together to make sure we have a win win proposition.

Looking Forward

The fact that all the articles are under one domain may be good in the sense that the traffic is accumulated.  Most advertisements systems like Adsense uses this to compute the CPC (Cost Per Click) and RPM (Revenue Per Million Impression) for the advertisements.  

Many may be concerned about the revenue going forward because they cannot get an adsense account.  However, I believe that our host Bukisa is trying hard to come up with alternative income stream.

We need to be supportive to them instead of adding pressure on them.   Constructive suggestions will go a long way to a better relationship between us and our host.

Let us not forget to thank them for the excellent service they have given to us in the past.

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