Friday, December 15

Piezoelectric Tree, Artificial Trees Producing Green Energy

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In Construction, ‘Solar Botanic “as the companies who have ideas they will be, using superior technology in NanoLeaves as piezoelectric Tree.

Maybe then you will ask what it is Nanoleaves and how do they work? 

How it works

How it works: when the force from the outside, like the wind blowing the leaves [with the volume a little or a lot]. Pd on the spot, mechanical stresses appear in the leaves, twigs, stems and branches. This process can then generate millions of watts of Pico which efficiently be converted into electricity. That way, the stronger the wind, the energy produced will be more and more distinguished.

Nanoleaves can also convert the invisible light, known as infrared light or radiation. In other words, the working mode Nanoleaves is utilizing solar radiation and wind as an energy source.


When compared with solar panels technology, superior technology LBHNanoLeaves hand the use of force distinguished dihasilkanx wind energy nd. [More details please see image above]


In addition to many benefits [as has been illustrated above picture]With NanoLeaves Technology, we are expected to improve maintenance of Environmental awareness, helping to reduce global warming and energy brought closer to home.



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