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Six Best Water Gun All Time

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Use a water pistol as a toy begins to experience the glory in the early 2000s with the creation of various types of gun to shoot more powerful, more distant, and more. Usually referred to as the Super Soaker.
Although many water gun that was created with individual strengths-even with a reserve of water in the back there are only a few water pistols Mechanic Popular choices are truly powerful. Here are six of the most popular water gun all the time.

World’s First Air Pistol

The gun of this type began to emerge in the late 1800‘s. With a form that is not too large, it is often referred to as a squeeze bulb because it uses a rubber bag to hold and spray water. Of course, this gun can not be compared with the current (even had to be recharged after one shot!), Apart from that, the historyvalue speaking. A water gun is made from raw new metal patented in 1896.

Traditional Water Pistol

Water gun today generally uses simple pumps to spray water from its mouth, how it works the same can be said with a spray bottle of perfume. In this type of water gun, pressing the trigger a small piston in the cylinder filled with water. As the reduced volume of the cylinder, the water will come out.
Unfortunately, despite the small size and relatively inexpensive, the gun was never really quite powerful. The reason is because the piston will not be strong enough to push water out of the cylinder. Besides that in the market also mediocre.

Syringe-Friendly Pool

This is different again. Designed to maximize the ratio of water and fire, this gun is very powerful. The shape is long, cylindrical. To fill the cylinder in it you just pull the handle to the rear, so it will suck water into the ‘belly’. Unfortunately after a long shot of water that comes out will get weaker and eventually run out, this makes it more suitable for use while swimming or being near the pool. This type of gun is varied, one of which is Water Sports Double Barrel Stream Machine that can suck and 1.5 liters of water once fired a shot.

Battery Powered Pistol

In 1985, an inventor named Alan Amron, making a battery-powered water gun. Because the motor is driven by the force of water coming out from the muzzle of the gun is more powerful and faster than traditional water gun. One of the favorite option is the Water Warriors Tarantula Ni-Cad battery-powered 9.6 volt rechargeable. Besides energy, the resulting accuracy is also calculated very well.

First Super Soaker: Super Soaker 50

This gun was created almost 20 years after Lonnie Johnson accidentally discovered a hand pump. Since that era, the water gun was never the same again as before.
Super Soaker CPS 3200
It is shaped like a water pistol in the past, which has reserves of water in the back, the CPS 3200 is not ordinary water pistol. Compared with others, clearly the larger size of this gun-and giant-inclined, a large tank which makes the CPS 3200 is able to accommodate up to 2 gallons of water! Still held weapons will not be too hard because all the water stored in tubes placed in his back. This type of nozzle which even has four separate and can be set (5x, 10x, 20, and typhoon), it makes you can choose to use a big power or a long distance. Unfortunately in 2001 this water monster stop mass produced.


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