Sunday, December 17

Powder Blue

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Powder Blue reminds a lot of people of the movie Crash.  I haven’t seen Crash, but I have seen 11:14 and that’s what I think of when I watch it.  However, 11:14 was much better, as I suspect Crash was as well.  For me, Powder Blue was a disaster and waste of some great star power.

The main player is Jessica Biel, who plays a stripper.  I don’t care for the stripper scenes at all; they just aren’t my style.  About the only part of her storyline that I like is her devotion to her dog.

Ray Liotta and Forrest Whitaker didn’t impress me.  Liotta just did that intense thing he’s been doing in films for a long time.  I miss that charm that I used to see in his work.

I did enjoy, to an extent, Lisa Kudrow.  Perhaps that is because she played probably the only happy, normal character in the entire, confusing production.  Not even Kris Kristofferson held any magic for me.

To be honest, the only reason I watched Powder Blue is Patrick Swayze was in it.  I must say that my reaction to seeing him was even more wild than seeing Bodhi in Point Break or Miss Vida in To Wong Foo, Thanks for Everything, Julie Newmar.  He sports a long, blond wig in this movie.  His character runs the joint that Biel performs in.  Basically, he’s a sleaze.  He did a nice acting job, but when I want to watch Patrick, this isn’t the movie I’m going to pull out.

The movie goes back and forth in the timeline, and it just doesn’t work.  There’s nothing really that I like about it.


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