Friday, December 15

Powder Blue Dvd

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Powder Blue has a lot of star power — Jessica Biel, Ray Liotta, Forrest Whitaker, Lisa Kudrow, Kris Kristofferson — but it’s an odd movie that complex viewers might love and most others might not like at all.  This makes the Powder Blue DVD an interesting subject because in my view, the DVD is better than the actual movie.  The truth is I normally wouldn’t go near either.

I’ve had Powder Blue on my wish list for a long time because my favorite actor, the late Patrick Swayze, is part of that star power I mentioned.  He did the movie to appear with his brother, Don, and he had a good time doing it.  Nevertheless, the role isn’t one that a lot of fans cherish, including me.  I saw a clip once, and that was enough for a long time.

While the movie was purely not my style, I found myself enjoying the extras more.  The commentary done by Timothy Linh Bui and Tracee Stanley was satisfactory and filled in some of void.

My favorite part of the DVD, however, was the “Making of Powder Blue” featurette.  This piece actually made me want to watch the movie.  It explained the filming and why certain things were done.  I was interested; I was intrigued.  The problem is that this doesn’t transfer to the actual movie, other than understanding the concept more.


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