Monday, December 18

Doubled My Triond Earnings Overnight

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Frankly speaking I could not earn a lot with Triond. I was tired was looking for a way to at least get some good amount at the end of the month.

I made a lot of “good” friends on Triond and I always use to share my problem of earning low, some were having the same kind of problem as me but many of them were earning better and much better than me.

 Then I thought of finding a way out to this problem, one of my friends “Mark” who is a Triond member helped me out of this problem he shared some of his tricks by which he used to earn $ 100 a month.

He is a very famous personality on Triond and writes some really quality articles.

I asked him where I was lagging behind and he replied you don’t share your articles!

I told him that I was sharing my articles on social networking sites like Facebook, twitter but he gave me a shocking answer he said people on Facebook and twitter don’t have time to view articles they are just here to chat with their pals, and they wontedly will not view your articles if they know you earn money from it, how selfish!

He gave me a simple solution to make my articles popular; you all must have seen the “share” option on Triond after you publish your articles? I mean where Triond publishes your articles for e.g., it has a “share” option and not only Webupon but all other websites where Triond publishes your content where your articles are recommended to more than 12000000 “readers”.

You know what readers mean? Readers are those who come online to read. So you can take advantage and share your articles there. There is lot of sharing options available like “stumble upon”, “Google buzz”, and “delicious”, these three are the most famous sharing options and you get the maximum views by sharing through these. I started with stumble upon which is my favorite and I can’t tell you what magic it did for me I wrote an article about Michael Jackson which had history about MJ and his famous songs etc, but had 4-5 views per day, HUH! That’s not fair but could not help it; I shared it on stumble upon and slept but after I shared with stumble upon guess what? 150 page views WOW!

I was shocked the next morning, and than started sharing my work with other options too like Google buzz, delicious etc and they too gave me an awesome response, now I get 1000-1500 page views per day by sharing with the above three. Is that not cool?

You just need to create an account with stumble upon, delicious to share your work and if you have a Google id then you can use it for Google buzz too.

Please try the above and comment it really works, it worked for me I hope it works for you.


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