Tuesday, December 12

Make a Difference With Just One Free Hugs T-Shirt

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What better way to express your support for a great cause by purchasing a shirt that spreads love and help! Hug it Forward has come up with a new way to bring hugs to people across the world. A “Free hugs” shirt is a shirt that says that you care about the campaign to help poor communities build schools in Guatemala through environmentally friendly ways. With every purchase of $20, $15 supports Hug It Forward building schools out of recycled bottles.

The Hug it Forward idea started with the problem of children not being able to go to school because of the lack of buildings in the poor areas of Guatemala. Combined with an Earth-friendly attitude of recycling and cleanliness, constructing schools out of used bottles and non-biodegradable items was the perfect solution!

Buying a Free Hug T-shirt is like giving a hug to a kid who needs it no matter where you are in the world. It is a rewarding feeling to know that you are actually helping a cause that will not only help kids but also the environment. With the proceeds, communities work together in building schools. Adults and children come together for a grand purpose with your help of simply buying a T-shirt. You’ll be making a difference all the more when you tell your friends to join the campaign and buy a Free Hugs shirt!

It is a T-shirt with a purpose since spreading the word of Free Hugs is more than just buying one shirt. You can “hug it forward” and tell others about the Free Hugs campaign and see how big of a difference you’ll make. On our website you can actually register to track your hugs to other people and how it spreads throughout your town, city, or even through to other countries! And every hug you track earns 25 cents for bottle school projects – what better reason to hug!

Everybody wins with our Free Hugs campaign. You get a cool shirt while kids can get a school made of recycled bottles which they make with their own hands. You also get to help your friends help others with our hug-tracking technology. What more can you ask for!

So take part in the Free Hugs T-shirt campaign! Who knows how much you can do just by purchasing a single shirt.


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