Monday, December 18

How to Enter Into God’s Presence During Prayer

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God’s scepter of acceptance can be put out to you when you approach Him in an acceptable manner. The guide below will help you do that with ease.

Seek Deliverance

Ask your pastor for deliverance or do self deliverance by yourself. Satanic or occult powers can hinder the full presence of God and therefore not enable you to enter God’s presence with full acceptance.

You need deliverance from satanic entanglements, yokes, initiations, and curses. You have been in occultism, Satanism, secret cult, witchcraft, and the like. It is time to make a clean break.

Break Free from Entanglements

Break initiations and curses, knowingly or unknowingly. Reverse oaths, curses, incantations and enchantments. Become free through the precious blood of Jesus and stay free and be able to enter God’s presence during prayer without anything holding claims to your new found faith.

Having possession of divining rod and mirror, charms, talisman, small god, and such like, and involvement in various initiations or oaths of secrecy that involved raining of curses upon self, and so on, demands that you make a clean break and separation.

Deliverance from Pastor

Getting deliverance from your pastor involves allowing him minister to you, by praying over you in the name of Jesus. He may bind principalities and powers, banish darkness, plead the blood of Jesus over you and environment, break initiations and curses, cast out demons, decree healing and restoration, and minister salvation, sanctification, and Holy Ghost Power.

Self Deliverance

Self deliverance involves conducting the deliverance by self. Starting from scratch, become born again, break initiations and curses, assault demons from outside, reject demons stay in you, plead the blood of Jesus, bind and cast demons or command to leave in Jesus name.

Then breath in and out forcefully to expel the demons if they refuse coming out without deep breathing. You need now to minister healing to your life and body, seek holiness, and Holy Ghost power.

With the above guide taken seriously and gone through or done, you can be sure to flow into God’s presence with ease and obtain more blessings and do more for God’s kingdom. 


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