Sunday, December 17

The Mothers-In-Law: Herb's Little Helper

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The Mothers-in-Law: Herb’s Little Helper was another solid episode from the first year of this comedy series that came from executive producer Desi Arnaz.  Again, the plot isn’t really original, but it is all in the presentation, and the presentation by the veteran performers in this show makes it work beautifully.

Lawyer Herb Hubbard needs a fill in secretary, so naturally his wife, Eve, decides that she will fill in.  Her intentions are genuine, but her skills are very rusty, which leads to a lot of amusement.

Everything escalates when Kaye Buell decides she’ll take the temporary job to help out one of Herb’s law associates who is in town for a week.

There are some outstanding moments.  For me, the best is when Eve and Kaye attempt to do stereo dictation.  That was such a hoot.  Even the little bench seat the two sit down in to take the dictation made me laugh.

Then there is the umpteenth singing of Because, the song the two women always sing because they never got to sing it at the wedding of their children.

For me, this show had me smiling all the way through.  All of the actors were really on their game.


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