Wednesday, December 13

Gone With The Wind Two-Disk 70Th Anniversary Edition Dvd

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This review is for the Gone with the Wind Two-Disk 70th Anniversary Edition DVD.  Now the movie Gone with the Wind is the greatest motion picture ever made in my opinion.  I remember seeing it as a child on a huge screen that just blew me away.  This was during a re-release of the epic saga, and it played at the theater for over a year.  Magnificent!

I paid a hefty price when Gone with the Wind was first released onto VHS tapes, but even on the small screen, it swept me away.  This release is a standard edition and not wide screen, but that really doesn’t matter; good is good, and this is beyond good.

This anniversary release is a little disappointing in that there aren’t any extras except for commentary.  The packaging is nice enough, with both Clark Gable and Vivian Leigh on the front and then each one of them pictured individually on one disk of the set.

The commentary was done by historian Rudy Behlmer.  He had a lot to say; I only wish it didn’t sound so much like a lecture.  His comments were very interesting, however, and for the most part, I enjoyed what the knowledge that he imparted on us.


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