Monday, December 18

The Happiest Millionaire Dvd (2004 Release)

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The Happiest Millionaire is my favorite Disney live action film of all time.  I absolutely adore every little thing about it, from beginning to end.  When it first came out for limited release on VHS, I paid big bucks for it.  Then the roadshow DVD came out years later, and I thrilled at that.  Now we have this release, and I’m still a very happy camper.

The film stars Fred MacMurray, Greer Garson, John Davidson, Lesley Ann Warren, and Tommy Steele for most of my life.  It’s a treasure trove of great music and good storytelling.  This restored Roadshow version is a wonderful delight.

Many who have seen this Disney film on TV have not seen the entire production.  For example, the TV version just ends with the happy resolution for the young lovers and the closing credits.  In reality, there’s plenty to come, including a tender song sung by MacMurray and Garson.  The DVD is a must for seeing this wonderful family film.

There are no extras on the DVD, which is a shame as I’m certain the Disney vaults include material that would be welcome to fans.  Still, just to see the complete motion picture is worth the price.

This DVD was released in 2004.  A prior release in 1999 contained the roadshow version, but was just 164 minutes.  Plus, it was a two-sided DVD.  This release is 172 minutes, fully restored, and there’s none of that turning the DVD over nonsense that drives me batty.

This was the last Disney live action musical back in the hey day of Hollywood.  Everything about it is perfection.  It’s a film for the entire family.


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