Saturday, December 16

The Not so Good And Truth About Rebound Relationships

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Rebound Relationships are most common during break-ups and/or when certain aspects of need are not being met on an existing relationship.  This type of relationship is a diversion instead of making the existing relationship to work out which is the very essence in a good relationship. Partners usually caught in this act may be considered as cheaters and infidelity who intentionally done this which is a selfish purpose.

This type of relationship can also be considered “hurry or in a rush” to heal of the heartaches felt with a new person wherein you’re just longing for comfort to share things or problems in your relationship.

Its human psychology that everyone needs to cushion over a heartache or broken relationships but   committed, intelligent, and strong people doesn’t need a rebound relationship and knows the reason behind.  Most rebound relationship doesn’t last for it only satisfy the need during a break-up.

There are things to be aware in this type of relationship:

1. If you are with a married rebounder you should be aware that you can find yourself on a “situation” or being used as a puppet.

2. Rebounders can lay prey with predators who found out that it is a rebound relationship. It’s the other way around with the above mentioned and much more destructive.

3. Single people shouldn’t be in a rebound relationship with a rebounder.

4. If you are still on the process of healing your heartaches never ever go with this type of relationship instead heal by yourself.

5. Married people should know things far better what they had committed during marriage.

In conclusion, rebound relationships has many risks to consider and having this kind of emotional healing is not the very best way. Remember that emotions cannot kill you unless you allowed it.


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