Monday, December 11

The Mothers-In-Law: The Hombre Who Came to Dinner: Part 2

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The Mothers-in-Law: The Hombre Who Came to Dinner: Part 2 continues the action from the week before.  It’s a first season episode that features the series’ executive producer, Desi Arnaz.  What is super fun is that Desi Arnaz Jr. also guest stars.

In fact, I love the billing. At the end end of the show, in the closing credits, it actually says “Two Desi Arnaz’s” which I think is adorable.  I get the feeling that Desi Jr. really loved working with his dad here.  There is a scene where he’s playing drums while Desi Sr. is singing and dancing with some gals, and, well, I just think the expression on Desi Jr.’s face is precious.

I love Desi Jr.’s opening scene.  His character of Tommy shows up and ends up playing the pots in Eve Hubbard’s kitchen to show that he’s a drummer.  It’s really a great bit that entertains well.

The bulk of the story is Raphael del Gado (Desi Sr.) doing a benefit in Mexico City in which the Hubbards, Buells, and the newlyweds perform at.  It is a lot of fun and really entertains.

I enjoyed the two parter which let the entertainers show off their variety skills, and I’m glad the two Desi Arnaz’s preformed together.


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