Monday, December 11

How to Have a Healthy Life or Power of Nature

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Plans need to be aware of your life ,  balancing all aspects of life like : family, profession, spirituality, finance, eliminating the stress of everyday life.
I think the secrets of a healthy life are three in number: healthy eating, drinking – at least 2 liters daily, exercise (exercise-30 minutes per day)
How to relax, balancing the physical state and freeing yourself from stress?
You can start by St. John’s Wort tea (3 cups per day), consume 1,000 mg of calcium, magnesium 300 mg, 3 grams of omega 3 fish oils.
It tones the body with vitamins, ginseng 200mg, 2000mg Spirulina, becoming stronger, more vigorous, get rid of fatigue.
You can increase your ability to focus, mental alertness and mental tone with 120 mg of ginkgo biloba extract, an effective natural antidepressant, especially when blood flow is reduced in the brain.
Defend your health effectively and wisely face everyday stress.
Did you know that you will have unexpected help using flavorings?
Essential oils are a simple and effective solution. With flavors you can find inner balance and tone you can get back mentally and physically.
Aromatherapy can be useful in mild depression and can complement medical treatment specialist.
An aromatic bath, massage, aromas in the air distribution means simple, but extremely effective.
To combat stress try using lavender, one of the plants recommended universal. These flowers, lavender, both dried and fresh, contain essential oils that emotional balance, calms the spirit, bring back the good mood, fight depression and headaches, reduce symptoms PMS, induce restful sleep, beneficial in the treatment of hysteria, panic, anxiety.
Cherry oil also combat stress, having the properties of relaxation and calm the nervous system, combats anxiety, insomnia and migraines.
Rose essential oil has sedative and antidepressant properties, enhances the secretion of dopamine, stimulates thinking, improves combat symptoms of PMS and postpartum depression.
Thus we can tackle one of the most modern diseases.
Do not ignore your body’s signs and try, at least once a ”clean healthy life ” .


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