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Fri, December 10, 2010 6:03:58 PM Re:


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Sophialaurenea Destine 

Thanks for writing. I’ll follow up with our compliance dept first thing Monday

 Sat, December 11, 2010 10:23:10 AM Monday


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George Fischer

Dear Mr. George Fischer, What ever you could do within reason; I do not wish to take advantage of your company and yourself. Whether you want to give the refund back through Higher One card (my credit/debit for college) or post mail it to me–whatever is easiest for the transaction.  

Ms. Sophialaurenea Y. Destine

I waited patiently for a reply from Mr. Fischer. Still, I have not received any refund. Once again, I am actively seeking justice concerning Pam Saxton and Victoria Cliente tactics of recruiting people as employees at I never said I was perfect. I am a pill. I want to warn the American public about my unfortunate experience dealing with these two women: Pam Saxton and Victoria people. Please be aware of what home business you are venturing into.

I didn’t get angry. I cannot control people actions. I can only control my actions. I choose to be level headed. This has nothing to do with my funds being returned to me. It is about principles. Today, economy is rough without the Pam Saxton and Victoria Cliente of the world.


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