Tuesday, December 12

The Mothers-In-Law: The Kids Move Out

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The Mothers-in-Law: The Kids Move Out is a pretty funny outing for the series.  It’s about halfway through the first season and it’s an appropriate time for this kind of story.

In The Kids Move Out, newlyweds Jerry and Suzie decide to move out of the apartment by their parents and take an apartment elsewhere in an attempt to get some privacy since their mothers are always around.

One of the pluses of this half hour is that the newlyweds do get more airtime in this show.  Most often they are the supporting players to the the parents.  So, this gives both Jerry Fogel and Deborah Walley a bit of a chance to standout.

In truth, Walley hasn’t had a chance to really show her talent in this series I don’t think.  I’d forgotten how little she and Fogel were in it, at least in this first year.  Walley was a sassy, talented teenager in the 60’s and was great casting here, but they wasted her.

I do enjoy this entire show.  It is fun to watch with some nice comedy.  It’s my kind of humor, the classic kind versus the more gaudy and raunchy humor or today.  Give me this show anytime.


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