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How Does Blogger Mobile Work?

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Here’s how to start a mobile blog:

Text REGISTER to BLOGGR to create your mobile blog. The text and/or photo in

your message will be uploaded to that blog right away. We’ll message you back

with the address, (so you can visit your new blog on the web) and a token

(so you can claim your blog and access it from your account).

OPTIONAL – If you feel like changing anything on your new mobile blog or if you

already have a Blogger account and want the posts to go to your existing blog,

you can log in to and enter the token we sent to your phone.

You’ll then have the option to claim your new mobile blog and merge it with

your existing blog.

Note to users whose blog address does not contain

Once you make the aforementioned switch, new mobile posts will be

published to your chosen blog but mobile posts published prior to the

switch will not be moved over automatically.

What types of messages can I send to Blogger Mobile from my phone?

MMSSMS, or Email – note this doesn’t include email sent from a mobile device that actually passes through a webmail gateway (such as mail sent from your account from your phone).

What size photos can I send?

Photos are currently limited to 250K each. If they exceed that size, you’ll receive a bounce message

letting you know so you can try again with a smaller picture. Note that your phone (or carrier) might

have size limits of its own.

Is there a cost for using Blogger Mobile?

Mobile providers’ standard rates for sending and receiving text and photo messages apply.

Blogger won’t charge you for any of its services.


Text messaging-enabled mobile device with a text messaging plan.

This service is free from Google but charges from your carrier for usage may apply.


To cancel text message replies, text STOP to BLOGGR

To unlink your device from Blogger, text UNREGISTER to BLOGGR.

You are free to then register with another blog if you wish.

For more information, send the keyword HELP to BLOGGR (256447)


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