Monday, December 11

Win-Win-Win Situation?

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Right now, at this very moment, there are thousands of affiliate marketers that you have never even heard of quietly promoting affiliate products and collecting huge commission checks every month.
        You  haven’t heard of them because they are not in the Internet Marketing products market, because they are in other ‘consumer’ niches, such as weight loss, health care,sports, gambling, education, financial products, etc.
Now, if you have an active interest in those things, or any other conceivable thing, you have probably searched for information or products related to your interest on the Internet. If this is the case, you have most likely come into contact with an affiliate marketer, without even being aware of it.
       You may have even purchased a product through an affiliate marketer without ever knowing it. Even Google has an affiliate program. That’s what Google AdSense is all about.It’s an affiliate program, but it isn’t technically called that.
Amazon has an affiliate program, as does Microsoft. There is an affiliate program available for just about any product that you can imagine, but not all ‘brands’ have affiliate programs –which of course is their mistake.
     You have down-line one list of the best of free affiliate programs ,you just pick one ,or all (because are free ) ,and take your money .Affiliate marketing presents a win-win-win situation.
     The owner or maker of the product being sold is making money. The affiliate marketer is making money, and the customer is getting what they want or need.
For instance,  who have products and offer affiliate programs for those products might say that they sell their product through affiliate marketing. What they mean is that they have affiliates who sell the product for them, but they are actually merchants or affiliate managers, in affiliate marketing terms.
            Basically, affiliate marketing is selling someone else’s products or services through various means, for various reasons – either to earn an income, to enhance a product, or even to sell an additional product…. Some  people use affiliate programs in conjunction with their own products or services, using affiliate programs as front end products, upsells, and back end products.In fact … many people use low end affiliate products as lead ins, or entry level products, for higher end affiliate products – never actually creating or promoting a product or service of their own.


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